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Room No. 201-204, 2nd Floor, A Block, Pak Secretariat, Red Zone, Islamabad Capital Territory, Pakistan.


Sardar Awais Ahmad Khan Leghari

Federal Minister

Phone No: 051-9212442



Minister of State

Phone No: 051-92103994


Rashid Mahmood Langrial

Secretary Power

Phone No: 051-9211852


Zahid Zaman

DG/JS To Minister

Phone No: 051-92103994


Dr. Muhammad Farhan

Director To Minister

Phone No: 051-9210533


Sabiha Chand

PRO to Minister

Phone No: 051-9210533


Muhammad Safeer

PS to Minister

Phone No: 051-9210533


Khalil ur Rehman

APS to Minister

Phone No: 051-9210533



PS Minister of State

Phone No: 051-9103994




Phone No: 051-9103994


Muhammad Anwar Khan

PSO To Secretary

Phone No: 051-9215654


Flt. Lt. (Retd.) Khushal Khan

Additional Secretary-I

Phone No: 051-9213666


Naimat Ali

SPS to Additional Secretary - I

Phone No: 051-9213666


Zaffar Abbas

Additional Secretary - II

Phone No: 051-9103953


Ali Akbar Channar

PS to Additional Secretary - II

Phone No: 051-9103953


AlamZeb Khan

Additional Secretary-III

Phone No: 051-9103875


Ghulam Haider

PS to Additional Secretary-III

Phone No: 051-9103875


Kamran Rashid


Phone No: 051-9201024


Ali Hussain


Phone No: 


Public Information Officer

Phone No: 051-9103952


Administration Wing


Laeeq Ahmad

Joint Secretary (Admn)

Phone No: 051-9103874


Nadeem Sabir Virk

Deputy Secretary (Admn)

Phone No: 051-9103952


Muhammad Naveed Riaz

In-Charge IT/Sr. System Analyst

Phone No: 


Muhammad Asad Saleem

Section Officer (Admin)

Phone No: 051-9205232


Nasir Saleem

Section Officer (Gen)

Phone No: 051-9209620


Osman Shakir

Section Officer (Council)

Phone No: 051-9103939


Rubab Fatima

Section Officer (Coord)

Phone No: 051-9103991


Muhammad Asad Saleem (On Additional Charge)

Section Officer (Law)

Phone No: 051-9213538


Zafarullah Khan

Law Officer

Phone No: 051-9213538




Development Wing


Alam Zeb Khan

Sr. Joint Secretary (Dev)

Phone No: 051-9211872




Rashid Sohail

Deputy Secretary (Dev)

Phone No: 051-9211873




Syed Tauqeer Hussain Shah

Deputy Secretary (M&E)

Phone No:




Syed Tauqeer Hussain Shah (On Additional Charge)

Deputy Secretary (IC)

Phone No: 




Nasar Hayat

Section Officer (Dev)

Phone No: 051-9211950




Muhammad Shahzad Zafar Hashmi

Section Officer (IC)

Phone No: 051-9211951






Power Finance wing


Mahfooz Ahmed Bhatti

Joint Secretary (PF)

Phone No: 051-9203087




Javed Iqbal

Deputy Secretary (PF)

Phone No: 051-9206945




Ms. Shireen Malik

Deputy Secretary (Policy)

Phone No: 051-9103954




Muhammad Naeem Kakar  (On Additional Charge)

Section Officer(Policy)

Phone No: 




Dr. Muhammad Farhan

Section Officer (PF)

Phone No: 051-9209213




Hassan Khan

Section Officer (IPPs)

Phone No: 051-9223090

Transmission wing


Hidayat Ullah

Joint Secretary (Transmission)

Phone No: 051-9211172




Hammad Raza (On Additional Charge)

Deputy Secretary (Transmission)

Phone No: 051-9209175




Hammad Raza

Section Officer (Transmission)

Phone No: 051-9209175




Muhammad Naeem Khan

Section Officer (GENCOs)

Phone No: 051-9203213


CAD wing

Salman Qayum Khan

Joint Secretary (CAD)

Phone No: 051-

Shafqat Abbas

Deputy Secretary (CA)

Phone No: 051-9213261

Akbar Azam Rajar

Deputy Secretary (DISCOs)

Phone No: 051-9221964

Shakila Begum (Additional Charge)

Section Officer (CA-I)

Phone No: 051-9103996 

Shakila Begum

Section Officer (CA-II)

Phone No: 051-9103995

Musafa Nazar (Additional Charge)

Section Officer (DISCOs-I)

Phone No: 051-9103996

Musafa Nazar

Section Officer (DISCOs-II)

Phone No: 051-9103992



Tariff & Subsidy Wing


Ghulam Rasool Anjum

Joint Secretary (T&S)

Phone No: 051-9211955


Umer Azmatullah

Deputy Secretary (T&S)

Phone No: 051-9211874


Syed Mateen Bukhari

Section Officer (Tariff)

Phone No: 051-9211875

Nasar Hayat (On Additional Charge)

Section Officer (Subsidy)

Phone No: 051-9244706