Anti Theft Campaign Update 21 Sep-Oct 2023

Forty-six billion in fifty-three days. We started our anti power theft campaign on 7th of September. Today, results till 31st October have been collated. That day, we promised that no one will be spared: high or mighty; sacred or not-so-sacred. We have kept our part of the bargain: have reshuffled, suspended, prosecuted even arrested our own staff at a scale never seen before; put thieves behind bar at a rate never observed before ie roughly 470 persons per day; have shunned extraneous influence with full support of the Prime Minister, the Minister-in Charge and other quadrants of state power. In the process we have erred, learnt and corrected our course where needed. Officers and staff have suffered on the hands of the little mafias: they were thrashed, injured, made hostage and fired upon. We have not relented and shall not. Period. Today as the results for first two months (53 days to be exact) are out, I must put things in perspective. Our estimated annual losses across the national grid for the current year are 589 billion. Of these 589, roughly 199 billion come from ex-FTA, Baluchistan tube-wells and AJK. These areas are not the focus of this campaign because of their own peculiarities: AJK collects its own bills but does not pay us at the same rate because it sees it as a contractually disputed payment; ex-FATA because they are exempted from meters due to a policy of appeasement in the wake of integration and Baluchistan tube-wells on account of various factors, least of which is not the enforcement challenge. We are working on the remaining problem space of 390 billion of which we are able to recover 46 billion in 53 days i.e. PKR 867 million per day. If same level of state support and field effort can be maintained ( and that is a big if, I must admit), 80 % of the problem space gets resolved. We are conscious of the challenge of sustaining the drive beyond the campaign but we have demonstrated beyond doubt that there is nothing that can not be resolved with right mix of state's will and field effort. Am attaching info graphs to share the details of theft rate going down and recovery rate going up.