Anti-Theft campaign stood at PKR 61.1 billion

Crossed 60 billion. Secretary Power Division shared report at 6:00 pm of 28th November, net dividend of anti-theft campaign stood at PKR 61.1 billion, excluding the theft reduction payoff for the month of November which would be calculated by 12th of December. We are grateful for a broad-spectrum support that we have received in this endeavour by a cross-section of the society and the state. In a large system like electricity distribution with 35 million plus nodes across the country, signalling is of paramount importance. Even one wrong signal could have derailed the campaign. Thanks God, every significant player in the state apparatus either supported us materially or blessed our campaign with strong approval. Whole-of-the-Government approach has indeed triumphed in this case. Role of media, both electronic and social, has been indeed commendable in raising awareness about where the shoe pinches. We are grateful for that too.